All good things come to those who make them happen. Relations are important in business and the fact that you could charge money for something does not necessarily mean you should. Business is also about granting, allowing and even giving. Hence we offer you the information below to help you with common business issues like finding affordable - or even free - software that will do the job for you - more often than not just as well as commercial software.


Don't re-invent the wheel! Feel free to use our free templates when they match your needs. E.g.:

  • Print your own calandar pages on demand.

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Why spend a fortune on software?

Indeed, why would you spend a fortune on software when there are plenty low-cost or even free alternatives available? Some examples of good quality software are below...

PLUS there is one BIG advantage to consider... the software below is available for:

  • Windows
  • Linux and
  • Mac

So you can change your computer platform without having to re-learn how to use the software you need to get your job done! Proprietary software will usually not give you this advantage. Hence your learning effort will be one time only, not many times. For organisations this may lead to significant cost savings both in terms of licences as in terms of reduced training cost.

Office software

The office suites provide you with free functionaltiy for wordprocessing, spreadsheet, database functionaltiy, presentations and much more! These suites are compatible with Microsoft Office®. The suites are available for Windows and Linux, thereby giving you freedom of choice on your operating system while at the same time offering you the same functionality and the same way of use.

(Windows, Linux, Mac)

(Windows, Linux, Mac)


Planning software

No matter what you need to plan. Big or small, you can do it!

GanttProject (Windows, Linux, Mac)


Operating system

The Linux system is based on the rock-solid foundation of Unix (in use since 1969 so much longer than let's say - Windows) and taking proper advantage of computer hardware. Linux is brought to you in several flavours (distributions), suited to your need. The Linux site contains advise to help you select the right distribution.

Linux is also found "under the hood" of several mainstream products these days, e.g. your "Android" mobile phone or your tablet PC essentially runs on Linux... many servers - for applications, (big) databases and so on - run under the Linux operating system...

... so why not trust Linux to be your desktop?


 E.g. use Ubuntu, one of the most popular Linux distributions, just as easy to install and use as Windows...


Analysis / statistics

The R project (Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac)


Image processing (like photoshop)

The Gimp (Windows and Linux)



There is much, much more to be found, especially when you dare to look at other possibilities like Linux...

  • video processing
  • CD/DVD burning
  • CMS
  • ERP
  • CRM

and many, many more like:

Mindmapping with Freemind (Windows, Linux) or others like VYM - View Your Mind.